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Who said fantasies cannot become reality? How you proceed will determine whether the reality of your fantasy becomes a dream come true or a nightmare.


A Touch of Kink believes in dreams coming true, and a drama free environment.


This is why we curate our guest list very carefully. 


Please observe and respect A Touch of Kink’s pleasure principles of standards and boundaries to ensure that everyone enjoys a safe and respectful environment. 


1. Always ask before you touch. 


If anyone makes you feel unsafe, alert security or Alex and I.


Guest who do not respect the event etiquette will be removed from the event immediately without refund.


2. Communicate before you play.


        Individual Standards and Boundaries aka as Rules vary greatly in lifestyle. 


        Ask and respect each other, and let the good times flow.


3. Be responsible for your belongings, safety, and health


There will be lube available in each play area.  You are welcome to bring your favorite. 


There will be antibacterial wipes in each play area. 


There will be security outside of each play area.


There will be staff to ensure that each play area stays clean and sanitary throughout the night. 


All mattresses are encased with protective sheeting for which liquids cannot saturate and protective coverings on top the sheets.  These will be changed throughout the night. 


We ask that each guest place towel under your play area and immediately use a bacterial wipe to clean up any bodily fluids that found its way off towel.  Our staff would greatly appreciate this courtesy.


Bring your own condoms, one size does not fit all. Please dispose of used condoms and wrappers in provided bins.


Know your limits.  Do not drink more than you can handle.  If you cannot walk or stand by yourself, security will escort you to an Uber.  


Please do not drink and drive.


4. Phones and Cameras for pictures and video are allowed in main area; and we have a photo opportunity wall.  


       Please do not take pictures of others without their consent.


Please do not post pictures of others or with others without their consent.


Please tag Alex N Alexis, A Touch of Kink in all postings from event and include #ATouchOfKink


5. Like to film play? We all have our kinky sides. Cameras for pictures and video are permitted in certain play areas and curtained off private areas. 


Please do not post play pictures and video of and with others without their written consent on any site.


6. The privacy of A Touch of Kink event venues and the entertainment and play at each event must be respected by all guests, performers, and employees.


You are NOT to disclose any information regarding guest and staff to any media or public platform other than what is noted above.


7. Dress code designated for each event is strictly enforced. 


8. Single men are only permitted in play areas by an invite from a couple for play or a unicorn for play and must remain with said couple or unicorn while in play area. Creeping and masturbating watching others will not be tolerated. 


9. Sex acts are not permitted in main areas. Consensual fondling and spanking is:)


 10. Nudity is not permitted in main areas. Pasties are acceptable.


 11. To protect our guest and our venues, the venue location will not be released until the morning of. Releasing the venue to others is not permitted. 


Anyone who violates these rules will be removed immediately without refund and banned from future guest list.

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