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A Touch Of Kink

A Touch of Kink, is Alex and Alexis's vision for a premier lifestyle experience that provides sexy, sensual, and erotic entertainment to arouse the senses, something for every personality. 


This has been a passion of ours for sometime, and actually a passion of mine well before Alex and I.


However, we both are dedicated to always bringing forth the very best.


Our launch is a result of learning by listening to what those in lifestyle do not like about lifestyle clubs in combination with our personal experiences of what we have liked and not liked in every club we have visited or event we have attended.


We are bringing forth an experience that allows people in every level of lifestyle to feel comfortable, welcome, and safe to be themselves… and perhaps explore some fantasies. 


Most importantly, we are curating the guest list carefully which includes not allowing singles posing as fake couples, those that have no regard for proper etiquette, to provide a drama free environment.


In the end providing a super fun night out amongst like minded and open minded individuals. 

-Alex and Alexis

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